Figures and paw practice

Just some female figure practice.

And more paw practice.


Portrait sketches.

Even though I've been focusing my time on charms, I'm still drawing daily. Lately I've been really enveloped in Silent Hill, so here are a few sketches. Been trying new styles, new techniques. As usual, click images to see larger.

Angela Orosco ("For me, it's always like this.")

Eddie Dombrowski ("I'll kill 'em all. Just like that.")

and Maria ("See? I'm real.")


Silent Hill Charms!

So, who wants to see the charms I've been working so diligently on?

And these are only the first wave, minus three (Red save point, flashlight, and key to room 202 are still drying). They're all between almost an inch (small photo of Mary, letter) up to 5 inches long (great knife). They were hand sculpted, painted, and glazed. They all have loops and are ready for charms/necklaces/etc. :) I've already made Mira, the pizza, and a save point into a necklace and I plan on making the 9 save points as a necklace.

I may sell these, or I may keep these for myself and if anyone wants to buy them, make custom ones for the orders. I'm leaning towards keeping them for myself (I <3 them so much ;_;) and using them as examples. It takes me about 30 minutes start to finish per charm. Materials for about 15 charms has cost me about $5 (even after these, I have half a pack of clay, tons of paint, plenty of hooks/loops, and a whole tub of gloss leftover). I'd have to consider the time it took to make them in the cost (ie: charm A took 30 minutes and costs $7, charm B took an hour and costs $14). I even have this pretty display case for them. =_=!

The asking prices would be average of $10 a charm or for a set of charms. Like, Pyramid Head's great knife would be $15, while a photo of Mary may only be $5 or come in a set with a photo, letter, and save point. The prices would include shipping here in the US. I could also make a set of charms to be custom made into a necklace.

Charm commissions would start at $10 for simple requests. And yes, I plan on making a Pyramid Head helmet, health drink, save points, keys, and more. :3

I'd like to try to raise enough money to buy that camera I've been wanting.

<3 These are all Silent Hill charms, remember!
A. Insane Cancer (SH3)
B. Mannequin (SH2)
C. Mira (SH2 Dog Ending)
D. Photo of Mary (SH2)
E. Pizza (SH2 Dog Ending)
F. Pyramid Head's Great Knife (SH2)
G. Flashlight (SH2)
H. Steel Pipe (SH2)
I. Double sided, side 1: 9 save points, side 2: Pyramid Head & letter from Mary (SH2)
J. First Aid Kid (Label on front, bloody handprints on front and back)
K. Angela's Knife (SH2)
(Non Labeled because I'm dumb, look next to K at that square. That's a Map of Silent Hill, the edges are furled up, and the paper textured like it's been folded. Nathan Ave is marked, buildings drawn, and even specific locations circled that are all accurate to the game).
L. Letter from Mary (SH2)
M. Tape that James "forgot" in the hotel room (SH2)
N. Plank of wood with nail in it/board with nail in it (SH2)
O. Mini steel pipe for a necklace (SH2)

Click on the images at the bottom for larger views :D These are all SUPER detailed and are coated in a high quality gloss that protects them, their colors are super rich in person, too. They're my first real sculpts that I've ever finished, so I'm actually really pleased with how they came out for me to be a beginner. :)


Sailor Moon and Silent Hill

Well, still not feeling "myself" and working on my charms... I purchased some gloss for them and painted/glossed the mannequin first, and it came out super nice. I'm extremely pleased, and I'm looking forward to making the necklaces and charms. :)

I've been trying to work on drawing as well, and I absolutely have to get back to 1 hour a day. Below is the result of an hour of sketching. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. I was going to make a comment about Mr. Magoo, but this is my sketch blog. I'll take that over to LJ. ;)

I'm also getting a sculpt done of Mira from SH2 from an artist friend of mine, and he asked that I draw what I was looking for. This is just the sketch, I'll be re-drawing it and making a full front/back image. I can't wait to see what he does with Mira. XD She'll look great next to my two Robbie the Rabbit sculpts.

That's all for now, folks. :) I'll update again tomorrow.


Expressions, Nira,

Practicing facial expressions on a character sheet for Setsuna

Back view of Nira practice. Not too happy with this, too liney and not flowy.

And two miscellaneous females


Wolves and Fantasy

A whole week without updating! Jeez! I have been a tad busy with Valentine's Day, Jury Duty, and work. BUT, the good news is that I have a ton of sketches to upload, and will upload probably two per day. :) Keep in mind that these are sketches that I only spend five or so minutes on, so they're not the best quality. Once I flesh some out, they should be better. :)

Here is a page of wolf sketches done. I'm particularly proud with the jumping/body image.

Here is just a miscellaneous character I created while watching a basketball game. I'm trying to get a bit more creative with clothing, as well as working on clothing flow.


Yoko and Setsuna

Got a few pieces done!

Setsuna with a warm, spring breeze. Penciled then added effects in OC:

Yoko in color:

Took about four hours are so, really tedious. I'm very happy with the skin color, although mai skanner eated it ;_;

I've been having some difficulty with a grainy effect with my copics on paper. Going to try to find new paper...

Ah! I did buy a new sketchbook, a ringed red sketchbook from Barnes and Noble. Easy to hold, fun to draw in. Got tons of sketches already that I need to scan. :3


Daigh portrait.

Forgot one. :)

Did a face/hair study of Daigh. Getting better at drawing guys!

One's textured for DA, one's the plain drawing. 1 hour on bristol, while watching the Godfather of all things... o_O

New art - Tess and Kaede

Got two new drawings to show off. :)

Worked on some posing/action shots and came up with this image of Kaede. Going to keep practicing!

Also finished this picture of Tess. I'm very pleased with the butt *cough* because it's so round. @_@"


Yoko WIP

Doing my Kiriban picture - the request was Yoko from Gurren Lagaan. (I think is how it's spelled?)

Took about an hour and a half to sketch and ink by hand (not by computer. ;) ). I'm actually really proud of it, I rarely do full body images! Long hair is long. I'll be coloring these by hand with marker sometime tonight and tomorrow.


Environments and lighting

Working on environments using Daigh and Esera. I really kind of like how Esera is turning out - may flat color this.

I also practicing shading... Not to focused on the details, more focused on differences between light and dark.


Daigh rough concept

Playing around with Daigh, came up with this little sketchy-poo.