Character designs, Inugami


Today I worked on original character concepts, an Okami, a few sketches... Take a look!

Daigh, an OC for RPing with my friend, Abe-
Daigh's wife and daughter -

An Okami concept -
Leiko bust detail -

Kaede and her Inugami concept sketch -



Ah, my first art post! Kaede and her Inugami.

Break the bottle

Hello all!

I guess this is my first entry for this blog. I will post one image per day - sorry if they are scraps and WIPs, they don't look as neat as they could. I don't want to clutter my DA with these, and I will also use these to look back on and see if I'm improving. I will post original character designs, body practice, hand practice, hair designs, clothing designs, etc. here.

Thank you all for viewing. :)