Ah, what? I still haven't updated frequently? Pheh! Well, now that I don't have charms to deal with until May of next year, I've kicked it into high gear working on my traditional art again. And coming back into it, it seems my style has changed some? I don't know.
I re-did Nira's design. She still wears the coverall pants and sneakers, but I was going for more of a fight mode. She hates human work-out clothing because it's too easily torn. ;(


Huh. :3

Ah man, these charms are keeping me busy, but I'm still sketching. Notable improvements in the eyes, and speed of sketching process.

I did half-face inversions of Rena and Tess to study their facial differences/similarities. Pretty happy with them:

Also did a random girl sketch:

And this is a WIP of the teal and brown themed character I've come up with. Extremely proud of this anatomy work! Need to reference the Stargazer Lily in her hair and do an entire sheet studying it:


Maybe I should hate you for this.


Pure OC3 sketch. Awesomeness, I never do sketches on the computer! Going to do it more often. :)

Rena with dragon/butterfly/fairy things.


Sketch post, huzzah!

Ah, some sketches!

First, just a WIP of a dancer. I had an idea for a "Mutant" type OC; a dancer from the east who has the ability to breathe toxins into the air (or people's lungs). The types can be a poisonous chemical to kill, a temporary paralysis toxin, a euphoric toxin, or a toxin to render someone unconscious.

Let's see, then I sketched out a girl based off of the Iberian Lynx/Spanish Lynx.

And lastly, just a sketch of Tess. Semi-old.


She owns an ipod.

Trying to get myself back into the groove of things, I thought I'd re-do my classic NS character. Setsuna has always been old fashioned - Victorian inspired and very maternal.

So why not reverse the roles?

I've re-done her as a more modern, smoothie-loving bibliophile. I was considering going steampunk with her, but decided against it, since she was originally Victorian-esque. I'm also changing her haircolor... I think it may come out just decently. ;) I'm inking it right now. Loosening up a bit and not being so meticulous... making things more natural.