She owns an ipod.

Trying to get myself back into the groove of things, I thought I'd re-do my classic NS character. Setsuna has always been old fashioned - Victorian inspired and very maternal.

So why not reverse the roles?

I've re-done her as a more modern, smoothie-loving bibliophile. I was considering going steampunk with her, but decided against it, since she was originally Victorian-esque. I'm also changing her haircolor... I think it may come out just decently. ;) I'm inking it right now. Loosening up a bit and not being so meticulous... making things more natural.



Hey dolls and gents! I return with an update (of sorts). I've been experimenting with ink and marker... having a ton of fun and producing some new styled things.

Still need to work on anatomy. :\

This was interesting - just a scene I sketched. Plan on finishing it.


I'm back!

Hey all! I apologize for my absence - April is a pretty busy month for me full of two birthdays and all sorts of trips! I am back, however, and will be updating again as much as two or three times per week.

My current project is working on chibi stickers for Animazement in Raleigh. My plan is to have 25 ready to sell by May 22nd, as well as have a couple hundred charms ready to sell. SO, hopefully, at the rate of 2 or 3 per week, you'll be seeing full colored chibis! I will be dead by the convention's time from working myself too much, but whatever, at least I'll have something to be proud of!

This is the first, Yoko from Gurren Lagaan. I'm very proud of how she came out, and cannot wait to see her in sticker form!